The brand was established at the beginning of 2015 by the three founding members Alfredo Soldano, who produces and distributes sun and prescription eyewear, Stefano Fanciulli, sole proprietor of the company Alsteca S.r.l., who also runs a well-known PR company in Italy, and Camilla Dell’Olio, an expert in style and product design.

The name of the brand is an acronym arising from the initial letters of the three names of the founders: Al-STE-CA.

Alfredo takes care of the production of the glasses from the lenses to the frame, Camilla supervises the design of the collections and Stefano takes care of business development and integrated communication.

ALSTECA is a newborn brand, but – thanks to the extensive professional experience of the three founding members in different key sectors – it has been immediately highly appreciated by the clients and by several well-known testimonials, among which there are famous style and fashion influencers.







Today modern consumers are more and more attentive and  responsive  to  any  infomation regarding the product they would like to buy. They search online and offline looking for all the characteristics of the product and want to gather all the necessary information before buying the product. Meeting the needs of this consumer, Alsteca offers an upmarket product in the fashion/luxury accessories sector, which has unique and innovative characteristics, but maintaining an accessible price.


These are the strenghts of the products:

o The technology of the material used to build the frames, which are made of an innovative shape memory polymer granting exeptional lightness and resistance to bending and pressure;

o the appealing design, constantly improved and «refreshed» to be always up-to-date;

o the «made in Italy», ALSTECA sunglasses are thought and produced in Italy.


ALSTECA: 16 grams of design, quality and flexibility, all made in Italy.






Inspired by the multi colored, beautifully chaotic, brilliant and sleepless city of Miami, ALSTECA nowadays presents two models of ready-to-wear sunglasses which take their names from two well-known districts of the town: 

o Wynwood, the design district of the city, which offers a wide selection of round shaped sunglasses reminding the glamorous retro’ style of the ’70 revisited through an up-to-date vision;

o Overtown, a part of the historic and vibrant heart of Miami, which offers an appealing range of square shaped glasses, perfectly fitted for any kind of sport. 

Both models are available in a large selection of colors and color shades, both of the frames and of the lenses, which is revisited and refreshed when any new or special collection is launched.


The ALSTECA sunglasses can be bought online, thanks to the proprietary e-commerece, and they are also distributed throughout Italy in many multi-brand fashion stores especially located, up to today, in the North of Italy.  All the shops are well-known in the reference territory and they are in the city centre.

The company keeps on increasing and developing distribution’s opportunities for the product in Italy and abroad.